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The Drive for Open Badges

Discover the parallels between the desire of the players' at The Open to have their achievements recognised and your employees’ need for recognition. And see why open badges are the answer.

The competition to discover who will lift the Claret Jug at The Open is always fierce, with every player looking to be recognised as being the winner of this great event.

This is something we can all empathise with, as we all like having our achievements recognised.

In the learning world, knowing you will be recognised for your knowledge, skills, and experience is key to finding the motivation to upskill. And this is where open badges come into play.

Rewarding your employees

You can reward your employees with digital open badges that include information on what has been achieved, the criteria used, how evaluation has been completed, and evidence of work, so you can give employees credit they deserve.

Because open badges are flexible, there are many uses within the workplace. These include evidencing company training standards, recording completion of induction programmes, tracking experiential and other forms of non-formal learning as well as recognising employee performance, company achievements and awards.

How eCom helps

To understand how you could benefit from open badges, contact us today to find out more, or read our complimentary resource, The Power of Open Badges in the Workplace.

And to find out how this works in practice, find out more about eCom’s digital micro-credentialing tool, eNetBadges.

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