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Reach for the stars

Congratulations to eCom's Meighan Barr on winning the University of Stirling STAR Award

We spotted Meighan’s star potential at her interview last summer for a student intern position at eCom HQ.  Fast forward to 2018, Meighan has been recognised by her University, winning the Stirling University STAR Awards.

Delighted with the support she received at eCom, Meighan also nominated her coach, eCom’s Development Team Lead.

This sort of support is second nature to the eCom team showing a real connection to the values that we stand for: Respect and Invest. 

We have been supporting students with paid internships for many years as we understand the importance of students gaining commercial experience to broaden their skill base. The eCom team also grow their skills base with coaching and mentoring roles. 

We partner with the University of Dundee and Stirling University and are looking forward to welcoming 2018’s latest summer interns to eCom HQ.

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