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Dispelling the myths around assessment

There are many reasons for using eAssessment - read this post to discover how you could benefit.

Often organisations think that their testing is too complicated or too small a sample to put online. This might have been the case a number of years ago but the assessment world has changed radically since then.

There are just so many ways (and question types) to deliver secure assessment now, that it can be used by anyone for measuring and checking the most varied and complex of tasks.

How eCom helps

At eCom we currently deliver secure on-line assessment to desktops & mobiles, with offline assessments via USB/LAN and Raspberry Pi devices. These assessments can be a mixture of automatically marked, examiner marked and observations marked by assessors.

With built-in marking verification, and validation stages eNetAssess™ is the choice of many organisations who work in highly secure environments.

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To find out how we can help you get started with eAssessment, please contact us or call 01383 630032.

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