Productivity and Business Performance

How can digital innovation enable better business performance?


Productivity is high on the agenda for many of our clients as they see technology as the enabler.  Their drive for efficient workflows and processes has driven innovation of agile digital tools that streamline their business.  In turn creating real profits to grow.

Digital tools have the added value of collecting insightful data that make decision-making or demonstrating performance a breeze!

How can eCom help?

Our platform technology has the flexibility to flow with your processes. Our expert team are on hand to help you to determine your technical requirements and develop a solution that truly makes the difference to your business.

We have experience from across sectors that carries the confidence of providing truly innovative solutions.


Customisable Applications

Walk the Walk
Our learning applications are designed to suit your business objectives. These flexible solutions are for learning, assessment, talent development and recognition. Developed with the latest standards of interoperability, our applications grow with your organisation and integrate with legacy systems.

Hear about Digital Innovation

Talk the Talk
Whether you need strategic, operational or technical level advice, our experienced team of learning and technology specialists are happy to help. We can assess your current business and technical environment, identify areas for improvement and help you define new ways of operating.

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Training Management

Show the Way
If you're a professional membership or training organisation with educational programmes, our training management software is for you. Our integrated platform will help streamline your processes, enabling you to manage training, membership, qualifications and events, with a single view of all your activity.

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