Learning Relevance and Alignment

How can digital technologies give your team the information where and when they need it?


Our clients look for ways to make sure their employees have the right information at the right time so they can do a great job. Relevance and convenience are key words for our clients when it comes to creating digital content that supports teams in the workplace.

Convenience comes from accessibility, and our clients favour mobile, (online and offline) delivery for performance support learning.

Reducing time to competency, boosting performance and productivity are all markers of success for our clients implementing these solutions.

How can eCom help?

As a research and development focused company we have the flexibility to use technology to create the experience you need your learners to have. We take our wealth of knowledge and apply this to a range of Organisations that offer different working environments such as Farming, Manufacturing and the Third Sector. Creativity has come from thinking about solutions where learners downing tools to sit a course is not feasible.


Support Content

Just in Time
Are you looking for effective micro-learning modules to deliver information exactly when needed? We’ll help you create them. Our designers work with your content to produce support content in a wide range of formats, including infographics, videos or interactive pdfs, using the latest in accessibility best practice.

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Collaborative Learning Platforms

It Takes Two
Want to create secure communities for coaching, mentoring or sharing ideas but not sure how to go about it? Why not ask us? Using our customisable learning platforms, you can support your employees via online forums, with one-to-one or open discussions and facilitate collaboration and skills transfer between colleagues, regardless of location.

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Mobile Learning

On the Move
Wondering how best to achieve your objectives with mobile learning? Let us come to your aid. We’re experienced in mobile application development for performance support, we develop apps for a range of devices and have mobile solutions for areas with connectivity challenges.

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