Learner Assessment and Recognition

How can digital accreditation help deliver robust and relevant credentialing?


Our clients know that even with the most amazing Technology, it means nothing without people - always the greatest asset of any Group or Organisation!

Identifying achievements from formal training right down to things that are difficult to define, can be easily presented with technology.  Our clients are feeling the positive impacts from reducing costs to recognising vital workforce skills that help keep businesses running smoothly. 

Publicly recognising achievements is helping embed engagement into the organisational culture of our clients. 

How can eCom help?

Whether you have formal qualifications you wish to deliver or you are looking to recognise skills within your organisation, we have cost effective solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily. 

And if connectivity has been an issue then Technology is no barrier with our innovative solutions.


Flexible Assessment Platforms

Question Time
Do you organise formative and summative assessments? Would you like to create and manage bespoke tests? Our secure assessment software is a full assessment solution from creation, question authoring, centre management, scheduling, authentication, invigilation and verification through to reporting and analysis.

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Offline Assessment

Creating a Connection
Are you running assessments in locations with limited internet connection? Wondering whether you can still take advantage of eAssessment? Then check out our secure offline solution delivering high-stakes assessment even where the internet is not available.

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Digital Credentials

Be the Best
Looking for a solution to easily evaluate and verify achievements? Digital badges could be your saviour. Our digital micro-credentialing tool, enables you to create, issue and manage your organisation’s own branded Open Badges, complete with information on standards, criteria and evidence.

How Badges Work


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