Developing Your Learning Culture

How can learning technologies help create a learning culture?


Our clients have identified that empowering their employees with career growth opportunities attracts and retains the best talent.   They also get an added bonus of spotting skills gaps and reducing the time to competence.  We are using learning technologies as an enabler to create a culture of learning within their organisations. 

Creating a great company culture, smarter workforce, and working together to deliver organisational goals is driving productivity within these Organisations.

How can eCom help?

Our digital solutions create a platform for collaboration and reporting of training delivery, management of workforce competence and performance.  The reporting capabilities of our solutions are where significant business efficiencies are made.

Our solutions have the flexibility to be an organisational fit for you that will deliver impact. 


competency Management

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Would you like to make recruitment and performance management easier? Using competency standards to manage your staff is the key. And that’s where we can help. Our competency management solutions include creating competency frameworks, mapping to job roles and training, as well as software to manage staff competence against your goals.

How we make This Work

Learn Together
Do you want to improve accessibility to learning, foster collaboration amongst employees and let staff take responsibility for their learning? With our flexible platform you can create the right virtual learning environment for your organisation, helping support your people development strategy.

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Start the Journey
Looking for a good way to manage your apprenticeships? Our learning solutions are the answer. We offer you a fully integrated apprenticeship system with a great user experience. You can deliver training and end-point assessment, track progress and achievement and demonstrate and prove competence - it’s all covered.

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