Compliance and Regulatory Demands

Regulators can arrive at any time – how can digital technologies help you meet your legal requirements?


Empowering a workforce within businesses regulated by safety and legal parameters has driven our clients to be the most innovative with Learning Technologies. 

Balancing control with creativity is transforming organisations that are protecting reputations and avoiding fines and lawsuits by demonstrating compliance quickly and easily.

Tracking, training and reporting on performance, allows our clients to respond more quickly to changing regulations and ultimately mitigating risk.

How can eCom help?

Our solutions work across many sectors that need to focus on compliance management. Creating engaging compliance training courseware, development job role framework management and digital accreditation to increase workforce buy-in. 

We focus on the ‘Why’ in compliance rather than the how.


Creative Compliance Training

Meet the Standards
Looking to liven up your compliance training? Then you’re in the right place. We’ll help you choose the best delivery method and content format for your needs. You’ll benefit from our wealth of experience in developing compliance training and we’ll help you assess your learners to measure success.

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Customisable Competency Platforms

Data in a Tick
Need to integrate competency training, assessment and management? No problem. Our flexible competency application adapts to your specific needs, helping you proactively manage your workforce competency and demonstrate competency of workforce to external agencies.

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Digital Accreditation

Let's Celebrate
Want to increase engagement with compliance training? Digitally rewarding your learners for skills and knowledge gained works wonders. Create and manage your organisation’s own branded Open Badges, giving your people a digital record of achievement they can take with them wherever they go.

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