Insight: What is Online Assessment?

With the continued growth of online learning, has come an increased focus on online training and assessment. 

Terms such as Online Assessment, eAssessment, e-Assessment or Technology Enhanced Assessment, which are used to cover a wide range of topics, can be confusing to the novice. 

The industry tends to refer to e-Assessment and the definition is as follows:

“e-Assessment is the use of ICT and digital devices to support the design and delivery of tasks, and to report student assessment outcomes, feedback and grades.”

Assessment is normally identified as formative (for information only) or summative (a score used to indicate a result). Despite the significant amount of literature on assessment, there is little available specifically on delivering assessments on-line. Trainers have avoided the use of assessment techniques, only tracking learning that has been achieved. This means they miss the opportunity to make training more effective with relevant assessment, something which new learning environments now offer.

New Learning Management Systems provide many more opportunities to engage students in authentic assessment activities, by aligning or mapping behaviours and tasks to a wide range of activities and competencies. Tasks can be automatically scored multiple-choice questions often referred to as MCQs, or Multiple response questions MRQs, through to Observational rubrics, and adaptive questioning via online scenarios.

At eCom we use our flexible assessment tool, eNetAssess™, in a wide number of applications including:

  • Awarding Badges and micro-credentials
  • Assessing interpersonal and cultural behaviours
  • Facilitating CPD
  • Assessing competencies in e-Portfolios
  • Conducting high stakes exams
  • Undertaking self and peer review
  • Conducting experience-based learning
  • Enhancing games, role plays and scenario-based activities
  • Gathering online feedback
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