Using Distributors and Resellers? Stand Out Using Digital Learning

Creating a digital experience of your products and services, to enhance your distribution chain or re-sellers understanding of the special and unique sales proposition you offer, is essential to your success.

Loyalty only goes so far and when making purchasing decisions, your existing customers are always going to look around.

Keeping your customers loyal

To be successful in keeping and building your client base, it’s essential that the customers see a well branded product with clear, engaging information they can easily use to differentiate your offering. This has to go further than just the usual marketing collateral. You need to undertake a form of commercial training because your reseller and distributor is your only face to the customer, therefore getting your message right is critical to success.

They need to understand:

  • The unique perspective your offering addresses; and
  • How to navigate through the alternatives while avoiding any negativity.

Providing an online digital experience which gives advice, a method of selling and support to develop the brand, will differentiate you with the resellers.

How eCom helps

We’ve helped many of our clients with this and can advise on:

  • Creating for highly engaging digital content;
  • Developing an assessment strategy to establish a base point;
  • Creating a plan to help you make the improvements you want; and
  • Tracking engagement levels and monitoring activity

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