The Power of Open Badges in the Workplace

Open Badges are digital representations of learning experiences and achievements.

A learner with a free Mozilla Backpack account can collect Open Badges for formal and informal learning experiences, enabling them to digitally display their education, knowledge, skills, and experience. Personal accounts aren’t linked to any badge provider so learners own their badges. They can add to their backpack as they move around different organisations. This breakthrough in transparency is welcomed by learners, employers and institutions alike.

Open Badges are digital, but not all digital credentials are Open Badges. Many organisations offer digital credentials that are used in their own system but are not transferable to a Mozilla Backpack.

The aim of Open Badges is to ensure interoperability in the badge environment. Badging issuing software must be compliant with the Open Badges standard to allow badges to pass into the Mozilla Backpack. The capacity for verification is a key part of the Open Badges standard.

An Open Badge includes the details of the issuer and earner to ensure the trustworthiness of the badge. The metadata allows anyone to go online to identify the issuing organisation, see the standards of the badge and verify and evaluate the earner's achievements.

How are Open Badges being used in the workplace?

  • Evidencing company training standards
  • Recording completion of induction programmes
  • Tracking experiential and other forms of non-formal learning
  • Illustrating pathways within qualifications
  • Providing motivational routes for learning and career development
  • Mapping, documenting, and verifying skills and competencies 
  • Recognising employee performance, company achievements and awards
  • Identifying job readiness of job applicants and employees
  • Evidencing in e-portfolios, CVs and other digital resumes

What are the benefits for employers in using Open Badges?

  • Provide a record of regulated compliance training 
  • Recognise external training provided to employees
  • Enable better matching of job requirements against applicant skills and abilities
  • Help to drive internal changes initiatives
  • Act as a bridge between learning providers and employment requirements
  • Provide incentives to help manage employee behaviour e.g. “Hero of the week” 
  • Give employees a clear training and development path
  • Display standards required for job roles
eCom’s eNetBadges™ is fully Open Badges compliant. It is a non-technical administration system which enables organisations to create and issue badges which link with Mozilla Backpack.
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