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The Cost of Assessment

Back in December 2014, three UK exam regulators backed research that indicated 88 regulated awarding organisations had adopted e-Assessment technology for producing and delivering examinations.

Strip away the hype - actual use of on-screen summative testing is still largely limited to conversions of paper-based qualifications, typically of core and fundamental skills such as numeracy and literacy.

Institutes and awarding organisations have fought hard to justify the investment and budget in making these changes. Our November 7th webinar, Benchmarking the cost of Assessment, showed how the costs of assessment are broken out, where the risks are, and how to read the timeline for getting a payoff or return on that hard-earned investment.

Understanding how the costs currently work and how they change with on-screen assessment is key to building a business case for change… or even to benchmark how accurate your deployment and forecast turned out!

Using an exemplar of a typical customer, the webinar compared and contrasted each element, how e-Assessment helps, and what to look out for.

We looked at:

  • Test creation – demystifying test design and item development
  • Production – how we’ve moved from being paper shifters to supporting and using IT
  • Test delivery – opening doors to underserved learners and increasing opportunities to reach more learners
  • Invigilation and administration – not just remote invigilation, but helping invigilators make sure the right candidate sits the right exam
  • QA & Audit - getting valuable people off the road and getting more done
  • Marking - quitting the paper chase, nurturing valuable marker knowledge and understanding…and certification – digitising the final mile, but increasing the credibility and transferability of what has been learnt and tested.


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