How to Build a Valid Assessment

When creating online assessments to evidence compliance, you need rigorous test development to ensure that the resulting assessment is valid.

While assessments can be designed around key topics, learning objectives, or outcomes, the key thing is to cover all the competency statements identified in the compliance evidence requirements.

Tips for developing a valid online assessment include:

  • Topics should be grouped in a meaningful way, creating a hierarchy of topics and subtopics.
  • All test questions should relate to a topic or subtopic
  • During planning, identify the number of questions needed to address each topic
  • Topics with high risk or in-depth competency issues will require the most questions
  • Identifying a pass mark or cut score will determine the level of importance of the assessment
  • Between 20–30 questions is usual for one compliance test
  • Content can be split up across multiple tests to ensure the learner stays engaged
  • Each question should resonate with the whole test
  • Questions should not be ambiguous and only one answer should be correct
  • Questions shouldn’t have any leading terms which help employees guess the answer
  • Answers should be obvious to more knowledgeable employees
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