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eAssessment: Not Just For High-Stakes Examinations

At the mention of the word eAssessment your thoughts may turn to high-stakes exams where using technology has some terrific advantages. Did you know that eAssessment tools also have their place within the workplace and can provide significant benefits to both employees and companies as a whole?

Assessment tools can be used within organisations as an effective diagnostic tool. eCom devised a brief online assessment working with NetRegs (a partnership organisation established to provide SMEs with guidance on their environmental responsibilities) to allow businesses the opportunity to evaluate how compliant they are with existing environmental legislation. This self-assessment diagnostic tool took companies through a series of questions culminating in a summary report which highlighted improvement areas. As a FREE and anonymous tool, this ensured greater participation and accurate responses from participants. It also allowed NetRegs the opportunity to capture invaluable data to assess SME challenges which could then be used to shape future guidance learning and documentation. Learn more about our work with NetRegs by reading our full case study.

Using an assessment solution as an information gathering tool allowed Norman Broadbent Leadership consultancy the opportunity to establish and ensure employee suitability for a specific role from the onset; identifying and cross matching the cultural suitability of an individual for a particular post. An initial assessment completed by the client provided the benchmark with job applicants completing their own version of the questionnaires and answers were recorded by the tool. Clients were able to view a report per candidate in the form of a spider graph charting the individual’s responses against the benchmark form. Information gleamed from this can also be used to probe further at any forthcoming stage and would also be particularly useful when filtering for positions which require a certain skill set. Read more about eCom’s project with Norman Broadbent Consultancy here.

360-degree employee feedback in the form of self-reviews, manager reviews and direct report reviews are an established means to assess an individual’s performance. By incorporating this element of assessment functionality within an online portal for a Global Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer leadership development programme, eCom were able to provide a means of recording, analysing and allow for easy extraction of the 360 review data. Additionally, users had access to a spider graph offering a visual representation of the feedback received. Displaying the data in this way means reviewees and line managers can easily identify areas of strength and improvement. Discover more about our blended learning solution for this Chemical Firm which include a learning/network area for collaborative learning opportunities by reading the full case study here.

Additionally, ipsative assessment tools can provide significant advantages to both employer and employee. This is where a learner’s results are tracked against their own previous results instead of being compared to a predefined benchmark. This can be used effectively in the workplace to improve an employee’s knowledge and understanding in a certain field. Elements of this are already evident within the education sector; I hear of my daughter undertaking curriculum-based ipsative assessments on a weekly basis through her “big maths, beat that” challenge.  Children answer a number of calculations in a timed, controlled environment where the aim is for the child to show progression by improving on their own previous result, rather than achieve full marks. The children create individual benchmarks themselves, tailored to their own pace of learning and achievement.

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