Dealing with Digital Disruption

How good is your ecosystem?

Digital technology is disrupting industry, health and governments. In many cases it is improving delivery but change still presents challenges for business models.

This article is part 1 in a series on Ecosystems. Look out for more articles over the coming weeks.

So what are the options?

Innovation trends can be difficult to spot and can change quickly. Complex solutions can take many years to adopt, sometimes never getting the up-take to survive, so become redundant. There is a general move away from purchasing technical infrastructure that will last the next 20 years and towards renting for use when appropriate, before moving onto the next solution as business needs change.

Plug and play

A ‘plug and play’ offering for the whole corporation is not yet available. There are many new software-as-a-service offerings, but how do these integrate with legacy systems? New standards of interoperability are leading the way in delivering the interconnectivity and analytics customers want. Cloud-based applications and storage-applying standards such as xAPI statements and use of a Learning Record Store (LRS) to store data outputs, are key to operating an effective learning ecosystem.

Here's what to look for

When evaluating vendors, it is worth comparing potential solutions against the list of requirements. It might be that a complete change of solution is not required and customising an existing solution will fix any issues.

To help navigate this path, here’s a list of what to look for in a solutions provider. Are they:

  • innovating in a timely fashion?
  • developing offerings that meet evolving business needs?
  • capable of integrating with other providers to become a valued part of the ecosystem?

Ensuring success with ecosystems

To be successful with ecosystems, vendors must have a clear understanding of standards, interoperability, big data analytics and a strategy that ensures appropriate use of this knowledge. The vendor’s actual offering is less important than the service and data it provides, how it connects and whether it can function using the customer’s current technology.

How eCom helps

eCom assists organisations to manage disruptive change by developing solutions that fit their strategy and work with existing technologies, as well as supporting the adoption of these solutions.

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