Assessment for Compliance

Managing compliance with assessment

Need evidence of compliance? - Assessment can help

With increasing regulatory requirements and more focus on corporate social responsibility, compliance is fast becoming a priority area for many organisations. However due to the complexity of the task many organisations are not doing enough to demonstrate compliance.

Managing compliance usually involves the collaboration of many different areas in an organisation, which makes the development and delivery of training more challenging. Recording is difficult due to the diverse needs of all concerned, with organisations struggling to demonstrate real-time results.

The process for attaining compliance is often the responsibility of HR, who then need to report to the wider business. To be effective, compliance training strategies need to be supported by evidence-based tools.

Assessment management systems (AMS) can bridge the gap in providing the real-time definitive evidence that the HR team require to demonstrate compliance. They can track and report on a wide range of information which may be required for a compliance audit.

AMS’s can help organisations:

  • Identify knowledge gaps in individuals and the organisation as a whole
  • Identify gaps in competency across departments and the organisation
  • Track and measure knowledge gained by individuals
  • Provide feedback linked to training opportunities (remediation)
  • Produce an effective audit trail of participation and evidence
  • Reinforce learning through testing on a repeat basis
  • Provide an opportunity for self-assessment via mocks or practise tests
Our new ebook “Using Online Assessment to Manage Organisation Compliance” provides a step-step guide for implementing assessment as part of a compliance training strategy.  Download your free copy here
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