Adaptive Assessment

Work your content harder

If you are already using eLearning and eAssessment over traditional methods then you will realise the cost saving and flexibility of online delivery. If you are doing it well, you will also have enhanced engagement with the learner. What’s next, what can you do to further connect your learners with technology?

Adaptive learning and assessment multiplies your benefits many times over by working your content harder. Adaptive learning draws from many fields of study including education, psychology and technology. It relies on branching logic, also known as conditional branching, to set a path through a course, survey or exam, transforming the learner from a passive receiver to a collaborator in the process.

With adaptive learning and assessment, content changes to meet the needs or performance of the learner, with responses to previous questions or tasks determining what they see. Adaptive learning and assessment gives a better understanding on degrees of competency and capability in a quicker time. Studies have shown adaptive tests to be as accurate as fixed tests and they can ask fewer questions to gather the same level of information on learner performance. It has also been found that when testing large groups, adaptive assessment provides better information than traditional tests for learners who are struggling or excelling. Online adaptive learning can deliver wide-scale tailored learning and assessment in a much more consistent way than traditional approaches.

A sophisticated eAssessment tool uses algorithms to develop a complex question flow with responses predicting either the next question, set of questions, or response choices. All responses are stored for review and as reports can be generated quickly there is the ability to give immediate feedback or make rapid changes to teaching or training based on the results.

Adaptive eLearning and eAssessment delivers relevant, tailored content, resulting in less frustration, higher completion rates and a better quality of information in a shorter space of time. Talk to our team today to discuss how adaptive eLearning and eAssessment can help your business, e: or t: 0845 643 1344. 

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