6 Benefits of Cloud-Based eLearning Tools

Nowadays, the Cloud is everywhere. Uploading holiday photos to Dropbox, sharing documents on Google Drive or saving phone data on iCloud are just a few examples of how we use the cloud every day.

In the learning industry cloud-based authoring tools offer eLearning professionals a range of benefits, from enhanced collaboration with team members, to more flexibility and better protection of work.

1. Just a couple of clicks away

Installing software on your computer can be difficult - from getting an agreement from your IT department to waiting for downloads, with cloud technology there is no software setup. You create an account online, pay, log-on and you are ready to begin. Saving you both time and energy.

2. Access anywhere

As you are not tied to an install on your computer you can access the tool from anywhere. Wherever there is an internet connection you can log-in on any computer or device and continue your project.

3. Collaborate with your colleagues

Collaborating with colleagues on projects, especially when located in different locations, can be easier when using a cloud-based tool. You can access and share resources centrally, communicate with team members and track progress of a project.

4. Be more efficient

Cloud-based tools can help organisations achieve better standardisation across projects or processes. When creating eLearning, cloud tools provide a central area for templates and resources to ensure consistency in branding and styling.

With some cloud-based authoring tools, teams can work on the same project simultaneously. When authors, designers and developers can liaise directly and give immediate feedback there can be big improvements in productivity.

5. Keep things flexible

Compared with installed software, cloud-based tools give more flexibility to adjust your solution with the changing needs of your organisation. You can usually upgrade to different packages as well as benefiting from ongoing product development updates as they happen.

6. Protect your work

We all dread the “blue screen of death” or the loss of our devices. With a cloud-based tool there is better protection, as you can retrieve your data and projects whatever happens to your computer.

As it’s hosted in a server, your cloud-based tool will regularly be updated with the latest software, so you know you are working in the best conditions.

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