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FREE online training
Coronavirus preparedness and remote working

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We've made some online courses on Coronavirus Preparedness and Remote Working, AVAILABLE FREE for training your employees.

To request access to the courses* (listed below), please complete the form.

Courses available include:

  • Coronavirus Precautions and Prevention: Stay Calm, Stay Informed (4 mins)
  • The simple power of handwashing (12 mins)
  • Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees (30 mins)
  • Infection Control [Coronavirus] (UK Version) (30 mins)
  • Leadership Essentials: Crisis Management (30 mins)
  • Working Remotely (4 mins)
  • Working remotely strategies for employees (20 mins)
  • Leading Virtual Teams (56 mins)
  • Mindfulness: the importance of breathing (5 mins)
  • Mental Health: Anxiety (15 mins)
  • Designing an Ergonomic Workstation (10 mins)
  • Working from Home: top tips (5 mins)

*available until 15th May 2020. Terms and Conditions apply.



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