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Human brains learn best by doing

(source: Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Experience”)

Up to 300% ROI in VR

(source: Intel Corporate Training VR white paper)

The benefits of eNetReality

eNetReality enables you to create assessments that are:

  • relevant to work situations, providing a more accurate reflection of whether an individual has acquired the skills they need
  • consistent as all candidates will experience exactly the same environment for their assessment
  • transparent as the assessors can see exactly what the candidate sees
  • able to be rolled out easily across your organisation

Why eNetReality?

Having developed one of the first solutions to use VR for combined learning and assessment, eNetReality is backed by our many years of experience in creating best-in-class eAssessment solutions so you can be confident that you’re assessments will be fit-for-purpose.

With eNetReality you’ll benefit from:

Anyone in your organisation being able to create VR assessments

Being able to easily measure a candidate’s capabilities or practical knowledge

Seeing things from the learner’s perspective

Having a fully interoperable platform which will integrate your legacy assessment systems

Assessment results that are trackable, individually or as a group

Choosing your preferred standard - LTI, xAPI or SCORM, providing the information you need

A fully scalable assessment solution

Assessors will also get the analytics they need to help decided on the competency of the individual or the team. This can also be used to demonstrate organisational compliance.


Easily distribute the assessments you create to your choice of:

  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • eAssessment system
  • Proprietary platform
  • Hosting provided by eCom

eNetReality is creating a ripple effect throughout the learning industry, changing how virtual reality assessments are viewed, paving the way for more authentic and relevant vocational assessments.

eNetReality FREE 14-day Trial

To find out more about eNetReality, visit www.enetreality.com and take the 14-day trial.


FREE 14-day Trial of eNetReality


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