Flexible Learning Management System

Begin your journey towards learning maturity with eCom’s easy-to-use learning management system

eNetLearn is a mobile-first, easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that should be the learning bedrock for most businesses. eNetLearn gives employees access to self-service eLearning in disciplines inside and outside of their core roles and helps organisations prepare their teams for the future of work.

eNetLearn addresses many common problems organisations face including:

  • Complexity and usability of existing learning tools
  • Lack of flexibility and innovation in legacy systems
  • Lack of insight about learning activity, engagement and performance
  • Costly licensing schemes in current systems and applications
  • High training-related costs with existing programmes
  • Slow time-to-market for new products and services
  • Lack of in-house resources to deploy digital learning
  • Keeping up to date with compliance and regulatory demands
  • Lack of learning infrastructure and resources

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eNetLearn® is a flexible Learning Mangement System (LMS) for organisations of all sizes.


Boost in Employee Performance

With eLearning courses available in eNetLearn on demand, any immediate training needs can be met quickly and effectively, thus laying a foundation for better engagement and performance improvement.

Accelerated Compliance Training:

With eNetLearn in place, induction of new recruits is much easier, regulated and faster. The sooner they align to your organisation’s vision, mission and goals, the sooner they will start delivering high-quality services to both, customers and the business.

Reduced Training Costs

It’s a quick and simple process to maintain and update eNetLearn®, helping make this LMS a more effective choice.

Nobody Misses the Training:

Learners have the flexibility to schedule learning at their convenience and fit learning into a busy work schedule – this has shown to significantly improve the training uptake. 

Learning Aligned to Organisation’s Needs:

eNetLearn is a powerful tool that dynamically aligns the learning to your organisation’s needs. Trainings for new initiatives such as product launches and introduction of new processes can be rolled out quickly, effectively, and consistently.

Improved Tracking of the Learning:

Fostering continuous employee development and sustaining Compliance are important for every organisation. eNetLearn helps monitor and track development to reveal who has taken training and how they performed.

Real-Time Audit Reporting:

eNetLearn can accurately track the learners’ progress and provide detailed reports in real time.

Learning on Demand:

eNetLearn grants the learners access to training 24/7, so they can learn when THEY want to and revisit the courses as needed.

Easily deploy bespoke or ready-made courses

Easily track and report on learner progress and performance

Generate profit for businesses via sales of online courses via e-commerce

Provide unlimited access to eLearning materials

Reduce learning and development costs

Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively

Customise the look and feel to suit your company house style and brand

Easy-to-use learning administration

Improve learning engagement and organisational learning culture

Provide curated, evidence-based selection of eLearning courses


The case studies below show eNetLearn in action.


See how our Learning Management System, eNetLearn®, is playing its part in our learning solutions.

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