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Flexible workforce development

eNetEnterprise® is a flexible workforce development system for managing
learning, development and competency across all levels in your organisation.



Gain control by consolidating all your people development in one flexible system. Easily keep track of the full learning &
development picture and get the most from your people resource.


Administer workforce development information and evidence
Once individual training needs have been identified, eNetEnterprise facilitates delivery of relevant learning as well as recording evidence of completion, knowledge and understanding.

Track staff competence against company goals and objectives
Using competency frameworks with eNetEnterprise enables
benchmarks to be set, making it straightforward to manage
your organisation's competencies and compliance, including
mapping to job roles.

Give your people the tools they need to take responsibility for their own learning
eNetEnterprise provides access to the courses and tracking information employees need for learning and monitoring their progress, including skills development & CPD information.

Use the mobile apps anywhere even without an internet connection
You can reach your extended workforce wherever they are, even in areas without any internet connectivity, due to offline sync.

Identify competence gaps to help improve training

Having a centralised overview of your people development information makes it simple to recognise any gaps in competence. You can then identify training needs to help meet the required standards.


So what makes eNetEnterprise® so flexible?

eNetEnterprise® is made up of six modules which function individually, or in combination, to support the development of your organisation. This means you can choose the features that best meet your organisation’s needs.


Hassle-free compliance and competency tracking. Compliance is assured by employee/manager sign-off on standard competencies.

Automate the processes supporting your training & compliance. Onboard enables employee self-service, with sign-off on technical and standard competencies.

The complete picture of skills development at a glance. Instant access to training records, via built-in LMS, providing career pathways, CPD records, development plans and learning groups.

Connect with your learners and keep them engaged. Secure online forum options for learning, coaching, mentoring and moderated discussion.

Easily support your people development strategy. Gather feedback through 360 reviews, evaluations, surveys and assessments to help your team reach their goals.

A powerful business intelligence tool. Quickly create your own unique reports, from dynamic sets of data and control the information supplied to each user role.

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