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The Most Comprehensive Catalogue of Ready-made eLearning Courses from Top Publishers

With the most comprehensive catalogue of eLearning courses available, eCom and OpenSesame will curate the right eLearning courses for your needs, map them to your core competencies, and elevate your learning and development programme.

Why choose OpenSesame ready-made eLearning from eCom

  • Solutions are evidence-based and aligned with your organisational needs
  • Choose from tailored or pre-packaged solutions
  • Choose your preferred course characteristics, durations, languages and media types
  • Choose formats to fit how your workforce prefers to learn — short, microlearning, long, quizzes, certifications, simulation-based scenarios, worksheets and more
  • Change your eLearning catalogue at regular intervals as your needs evolve
  • Use your eLearning platform or ours eNetLearn

Popular eLearning Programmes

  • Leadership and Mentoring
  • Understanding Green Practices at Work
  • Thrive with Mental Toughness and Resilience
  • Soft Skills for Project Managers
  • Advanced Negotiation Tactics for Your Next Sale
  • Creating a Culture of Respect and Inclusivity
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Become a High-Performance Sales Manager
  • The Four Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pillars to Excel
  • Thought Leadership and Innovations from TED@Work
  • Skills for Aspiring Customer Success Managers
  • Cyber Security Essentials for all Employees

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Thousands of eLearning Courses from Top Publishers

eCom is pleased to continue our partnership with OpenSesame, the premiere provider of eLearning content from top publishers around the world. We offer the world’s most complete catalog of training content with courses in 18 languages across several major categories.

eCom bespoke eLearning programmes starting from only £5,000.

Wherever you are on the scale of learning maturity, eCom can help you:

Develop or evolve your digital learning strategy
Prepare your teams for the future
Overcome time, resource or technology limitations
Comply with regulatory and compliance mandates, and manage risk
Design digital learning programs that are aligned with your business
Deliver innovative workforce learning and development solutions
Develop inclusive, diverse, accessible, and creative learning content

eCom Solutions Help Organisations:

Improve Efficiency (timeliness, reach, access, and scale)
Fine Tune Processes (improve workforce learning delivery, methods and quality)
Boost Performance (improve ease-of-use and productivity)
Cultivate Agility (build capacity, accelerate growth, and respond faster to change)
Influence Positive Change (develop clarity, purpose, and inspire teamwork)
Improve Bottom Line (achieve cost reduction, cost avoidance or revenue)

Benefits of eLearning

  • Savings in delivery, travel, and accommodation costs
  • More efficient training administration, tracking, reporting and course logistics
  • Reduced course documentation, development and maintenance costs
  • Savings in programme development, learner support and assessment
  • Improved employee compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Better long-term, auditable compliance tracking and recordkeeping
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance faster
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Better employee productivity
  • Increased sales volume with improved product and service knowledge
  • Revenue from customers
  • Better morale and retention
  • Improved engagement and reduced turnover
  • Increased competitive advantage of workforce
  • Informed and trained employees, customers, and suppliers
  • Speedy deployment of new systems and processes
  • Scalable support for geographic/industry expansion
  • Faster onboarding and upskilling of workforce

eCom Means Value

Inspirational Value

We help improve your vision of the future by showing you that you can move to the next generation of technology easily and affordably. View eCom case studies.

Individual Value

We address your priorities, whether they are personal or career related. As a trusted and reliable partner, we help reduce anxiety for critical projects. View eCom case studies.

Ease-of-Doing-Business Value

eCom products and services help increase your productivity and operational performance. eCom is responsive to customer needs and are long-serving experts in our field. View eCom case studies.

Functional Value

eCom products and services help address your economic and product performance needs such as cost reduction and scalability. eCom excels with product innovation and quality. View eCom case studies.


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