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Customisable Applications

Developing the right competences and skills is critical for growth - how can learning technologies help create capable people?

Looking for the right learning technology platform for you? We've got it covered. Our customisable learning applications meet your needs. They're cost effective, simple to set up and easy-to-use.

They're all cloud-based, giving you the tools you need to easily create, deliver, track, report on and evaluate your eLearning as well as digitally rewarding your learners for their achievements.

eNetLearn® is a powerful learning management system (LMS) giving you the full picture of learning across your organisation from a single dashboard. This mobile-first LMS gives learners total flexibility in where and when they learn.


eNetBadges™, enables you to easily recognise learning experiences and achievement, improve engagement with corporate training, create a staged approach to accreditation, or provide more structure to the CPD process.


eNetAuthor® is the perfect tool for creating your own content. This cloud-based, HTML5 authoring tool enables eLearning teams to develop content effortlessly, from storyboard to authoring, reviewing and tracking.

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