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University of St. Andrews

Social Learning Opens up Learning to All

This social learning platform is a great example of how digital technology can help promote wider uptake of Higher Education.


Founded in 1413, The University of St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and  one of the world’s leading research and training centres.


The university wanted to develop an eMentoring network that would encourage local school children to consider higher education.


  • Social learning platform for mentor coaching and group discussion amongst all participants
  • Hosting of private library of resources and shared group documents
  • Interactive map of the University campus and town builds familiarity
  • Strengthening ties with the community and local schools
  • Social Learning
  • Collaboration
  • eMentoring

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I would say that the most impressive part of the system has been the support and advice offered almost instantly from eCom whenever we have had any questions.

Pamela Forbes

Education Liaison Officer, University of St Andrews

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