Why using Digital Learning will
Benefit Your Workforce

Everyone wants to perform well in their job. And it’s important to provide your employees with learning opportunities that give them the skills and knowledge they need. A lot of organisations are now using digital learning to deliver this material, with good reason.


Digital learning gives your employees the flexibility to learn at a time and a place of their choosing - a major benefit for a remote and dispersed workforce.

access to learning opportunities anytime, anywhere


You can communicate training, ideas and concepts, quickly and easily to all of your employees and you can deliver your material across your extended enterprise – something we helped the Scottish Association of Mental Health achieve.

Self-directed learning

Moving learning online means your employees can take a more self-directed learning path. They’ll benefit by feeling more engaged and empowered. And it’s also more likely they’ll remember information since they can use it soon after the learning takes place. Something we are helping Morton Fraser achieve.

empower employees and increase engagement


Digital learning will save you time and money. Expenses normally associated with traditional classroom based learning don’t apply to digital learning. Depending on the size of your organisation, this could dramatically reduce your overall learning and development costs. Discover how we helped the British Council.

dramatically reduce the overall cost of learning and development


Using a Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easier for you to track (and report on) participation and engagement, to help you demonstrate the value of your training, something eCom has done for many clients. An LMS will also help you demonstrate compliance.

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