Welcome Words by Wendy - Trust: the key to building business

We have had the delight of working with 6 new organisations who have individually launched new learning environments in the last 6 weeks, choosing eCom as their trusted learning technology partner.

These learning environments are driving and will realise such competitive advantage within their respective Organisations that we are not allowed to discuss any of the details.  

Being a trusted provider creates a unique business relationship, much deeper than a vendor relationship will ever. 

We are privy to organisational strategy, goals, aspirations and the hard work that it takes to grow and build business through digital transformation.  We are a trusted advisor during these challenges and provide support and consultancy from our experience and expertise. 

It is a challenge to market all that we do, whilst not being able to tell ALL the stories of what we do. That is what drives our creativity.

As you can imagine, the life of an eCom marketer is not an easy one.  These amazing stories of digital learning transformation, of International delivery are all the key messages we want to covey as a growing, innovative business ourselves. 

What is even better though is that we are trusted to deliver many great learning environments, including the six that have successfully been launched recently and are already reporting great engagement. 

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