Welcome Words by Wendy: Lead by Example

by Wendy Edie
eCom's Managing Director

I’ve been equally proud and amazed by the eCom team resilience over the last few months.

Not everyone is experiencing the same during these times, and even across our small demographic, you wouldn’t believe what they have all coped with, in their personal lives.  Whilst continuing to show immense dedication and committed to delivering to our clients. 

eLearning at the forefront

Thanks also needs to go to our customers who are also dealing with so much personally and professionally.   We have been on a journey together! And it’s great to see most of our clients using much more eLearning.

Adapting to the new normal

As social distancing is here for a long time yet, we are beginning to see exams starting up again, with some adapting using eProctoring.

Leadership is important

The media is reporting that a lot of change in the business landscape is still to happen. There seems to be a common theme with management and leadership roles being most affected.  This is going to mean huge upskilling and new leaders emerging.  Great leaders create more leaders and I feel there is a need to support and mentor these emerging leaders with the skills for the future.  Find out more about how we can do this together at my upcoming webinar.

These are challenging times for us all and we will lead by example and live up to our values. 

Keep safe and keep going,


15th June 2020

Please see eCom’s current statement on COVID:19 and Business Continuity.

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