Welcome Words by Wendy: Lead and Learn

by Wendy Edie
eCom's Managing Director

Craig Allan (Different Mindset) and eCom, hosted a great webinar this week on how to learn and lead. The timing of the discussion seems to have really met the needs of the business community.

This was confirmed by a timely tweet by Shep Hyken on how sharing emotions and being authentic, even vulnerable, is not easy.

We had an international audience for this webinar and great feedback on how we can support emerging leaders.  It got me thinking, what about the leaders for the now?  Is there room for learning? 

Align your learning with your goals

There really has never been a more important time for learning! Although prioritising time for this, I can testify, is a challenge. 

This week I restarted the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business growth programme run by Oxford University.   An already intense programme that has been re-imaged to suit the current needs of businesses around the UK and is a blended learning delivery approach (we love a blend!).  

Although challenging, it’s been easy to prioritise this investment of my time this week.  Purely because I can see how this effort fits clearly with the goals of eCom.  I think this is the key! 

The Why?

When it is clear how your learning is contributing towards the goals of the business, it gives your learning culture a boost.

We’ve partnered with OpenSesame to provide business-aligned, curated elearning based on a structured alignment process. This helps make sure you have the right learning resources aligned to your business, to develop the right skills for your team.

 That’s how we can bring confidence during these periods of change.  #HereToHelp

Keep safe and keep going,


22nd June 2020

Please see eCom’s current statement on COVID:19 and Business Continuity.

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