Welcome Words by Wendy: Adapting to Change (again)

by Wendy Edie
eCom's Managing Director

The economy is starting to pick itself off the floor says The Bank of England’s Andy Haldane.

A strong foundation 

Our investment in innovation and good governance over the years has given eCom a strong foundation of resilience. Because of this we have not been near the floor, however, we are seeing signs of a modest recovery from an initial COVID interruption.   

This week we have signed two new projects, signed a new client, made a new online training platform live, hired two new team members, and crucially offered paid student summer internships.   

Looking to the future 

Everyone’s future should be on the agenda, however, I worry there is a generation of young people who will face a lack of employment opportunities and as much as it may be difficult, we must try to help where we can. 

The roadmap out of this crisis needs adaptability and resilience as we move through the phases and this means responding positively and constructively to constantly evolving challenges and complexity. It’s these “Skills for the Future” that will help us cope in this environment of ongoing change, enabling us to excel; to collaborate & empathise to create our own futures. 

Encouraging skills 

As we phase out lockdown, if you want quick learning initiatives to help you encourage these skills in your team, please get in touch.

Keep safe and keep going,


29th May 2020

Please see eCom’s current statement on COVID:19 and Business Continuity.

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