Using eAssessment for managing compliance

This past month we have been focusing on the benefits of switching from traditional paper-based assessments to online assessments. We have covered everything from cost efficiency, saving your trainers time, and reducing administrative burden. However, one of the biggest benefits of eAssessment is the ability to manage compliance obligations easily.

Here are a few ways that eAssessment can help your compliance needs.

Reporting made easy

Using eAssessment means you have access to quick and clear reports on a candidate’s progress, what areas they are strong in and what areas may need more training. You can report on how the questions are being answered to spot questions that may need to be changed, either because they are too easy or too difficult. Or it may be that the entire assessment needs updated..

Monitor completion rates

Using eAssessment helps you monitor completion rates across the organisation and by department, so you can see, for example, that only half of your employees have passed the mandatory health and safety assessment and more training is required to get the others up to standard. From analysing the questions to see which ones that group answered incorrectly, you can tailor the training you provide so they only spend time learning what they need to know, rather than what they have already mastered.

Keeping track of mandatory training

When using an assessment-authoring tool you can use reporting to check that your compliance obligations are being met, for example, that mandatory training has been completed to the required standard and that everyone has passed the assessment and is competent in their role.

The solution you need

We know that many organisations need training strategies that can support tracking and demonstration of compliance and competency, easily and effectively using evidence-based tools. This is why eAssessment is so beneficial; you have the information you need available at the touch of a button rather than having to spend time going through copious amounts of files compiling data.

To find out how eAssessment could work for you, download our free 44-page eBook 'Using Online Assessment for Managing Compliance'.



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