The eCom Way: Investing in You

When I look ‘into’ our Company, one of the most amazing things that I always appreciate is the people that are investing in eCom.

This is the fourth in a series of blogs on The eCom Way, by our Managing Director, Wendy Edie. Wendy has 15 years of experience in the eLearning industry and as well as driving the business, she ensures our values are at the heart of everything we do. In this blog series, Wendy explains why we’re different, why we care and why we’d love to work with you.

Investing in you and your future

Behind every project, behind every client, there is you, investing in eCom’s future.   So it’s only natural for us to return the support by investing in you and your future. What does this feel like?

Maintaining momentum

It can feel like we ask a lot of questions, we might challenge your thinking, we may nudge you to keep the momentum up.  Think of us like a personal trainer for you and your project….. without the burpees!  

Being there for you

What my team and I are also good at is being there for you.  “One of the team” is a common phrase for our clients to use about eCom.  We are your sounding board, and the more we know, the more we can help and invest in you.

Providing value

This is the #eComWay to provide value.  This is not a case of over servicing, we know that bringing value has the added effect of encouraging even more business for eCom.  Latest statistics state that the highest percentages of business software purchases are decided by word of mouth referral and customer references.  

Certainly when I purchase software such as accountancy etc these statistics fit well with my buying experience.

Thank you

We are lucky to have many great clients who are investing in us, providing customer references and spreading the word about the value we can bring.  A huge thank you to all these wonderful people and organisations.

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