Security, trust and cyber health

No matter what you are doing today, I am sure you have recently read something on cybersecurity - it's a hot topic this year.

For us it has been a hot topic since 2001, when the first major internet virus outbreak occurred. Much of what we do to protect our client systems is unspoken and just part of the standard service we provide.

GDPR is nothing special for us as we built in security by design to our products many years ago.

GDPR gave us the vehicle to make this more visible to our clients.

The latest techniques

As our services include delivering online high-stake examinations, we used the standards applied to this for all our client projects. i.e the latest encryption techniques, employing new security tools as they become available and working with our hosting partners to do as much as possible to prevent any downtime or data issues.

Over the last 23 years of continuous service, our clients have trusted us to protect their data. We’ve built up the expertise to deliver exactly what they want and provide a top class level of service at a price they can afford.

Managing data

At eCom we are growing internationally and many new clients are learning about the “eCom way”. They are asking loads of questions about how we manage their data and we realised that, compared with the competition, we do much more automatically as standard, not extras.

Although we don’t want to make too much noise about what we do, we want to celebrate our achievement

We're the first learning technologies company in the UK to have been awarded the QG GDPR Fundamentals certificate and the first company in Scotland overall.




Cyber health

This shows how seriously our staff view our clients “cyber health”. Every client application undergoes an impact assessment and receives a security risk analysis report with their system set up to reflect their own policies and procedures.

Our infrastructure regularly undergoes penetration testing by external contractors and we undertake daily monitoring, supported by highly skilled, responsible staff.

Partnership approach

We want you to know that working with eCom is a partnership for the long term. We are grateful to all our clients and for those who we have long standing relationships who provide exemplars for us and are happy to recommend us.

For more information about our work in this area, please Contact Us Online or call us on 01383 630032.

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