Robotics, Cobotics and the Future of Work

An eCom Roundtable Discussion

eCom were delighted to host a roundtable discussion, on Wednesday 26th September 2018, on the topic of ‘Robotics, Cobotics and the Future of Work’.

Like-minded influencers from across Scotland discussed the challenges and opportunities in developing new skills in the current workforce for the changing roles of tomorrow. It was a stimulating and lively discussion, guided by chair, Linda Steedman, CEO, eCom Scotland.

Key themes from the conversation included:

  • Accessible Technologies - Challenging the Conventions of Workforce Learning’
  • ‘Learning Technologies as positive disruptor –disrupting the workforce of the future through technology - that puts the “human” back into human capital’
  • ‘How can Learning Technologies impact on productivity / gain’



A strong theme from the discussion was the impact of automation as a result of digital transformation and how business models will need to change as a result.

The impact of industry 4.0; the drive for enhanced employee engagement and productivity; and the need to retain a positive working culture were also central to the discussion.

Linda Steedman, eCom CEO, said: “The roundtable was a great platform to discuss the issues that are currently front-of-mind for Scottish business leaders on the future of work and we were delighted to be able to facilitate this discussion. It was also great to see the enthusiasm for learning technologies and the positive impact they can have on improving productivity in organisations’.


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