Reduce your administrational burden

There are many benefits of switching from traditional paper-based assessments to online, and you have probably heard about some of the most common ones such as worldwide reach, immediate feedback for candidates, and reducing your businesses carbon footprint.

But one of the most dramatic ways it can benefit your organisation is by reducing your administrative burdens, giving you time back to invest in developing candidates' future skills.


Anyone who has ever prepped exams for a number of candidates knows how time-consuming it can be. From creating the content to printing out papers, booklets and organising the distribution, it is not a fast or easy process. Also, it is often harder for organsations to manage and maintain the security and safety of paper-based exams.

With an eAssessment system such as eNetAssess, you will spend significantly less time prepping from the very start of the process. Assessment content can come to life and become incredibly engaging with the help of visuals and audio. This can help candidates maintain focus and really interact with the content, becoming a more enjoyable experience.

Printing woes be gone

Remember the pain of having to stand in front of the printer for hours printing out exams, not to mention running out of ink or paper jams halfway through? The good news is with eAssessment that is no longer an issue. Instead, assessments are held within a secure database and can be easily distributed to your candidates via email or a log-in saving you a great deal of time. And as a bonus, it's better for the environment too.

No marking and immediate feedback

Depending on what question types you use, for example, multiple-choice, trainers no longer have to spend hours marking papers not to mention the time taken for coordinating the delivery of results.

Most assessment systems, including our eAssessment platform, eNetAssess, allow you to create a large question bank with numerous questions. You can set it so every candidate gets a random selection from that question bank. This helps to minimize question order bias and improve overall quality.  You can also keep the questions fresh and relevant, as questions can be easily updated or added. This can be done by anyone who has been given access to the question bank, enabling trainers to work collaboratively no matter where they are in the world.

Certification made easy

Do you spend time sending out certificates to candidates? You can also avoid the logistical challenges involved with issuing paper certificates by opting for an eAssessment solution which includes digital micro-credentialing where digital badges are issued in recognition of skills and knowledge gained. This makes it easier for candidates to prove their qualifications and helps them demonstrate their certifications more quickly.  

We recently successfully helped the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) integrate online certification, cutting out printing and shipping costs and there has been a significant reduction in the amount of administration time needed.

“ The introduction of digital certificates within IWCF has positively impacted our accredited training centres and candidates. There are many benefits including reduced costs, increased security and the ability for candidates to share their qualifications through social media. ” Joanna Taylor, Head of Operations


Being able to have quick access to reports on candidates' progress can really help identify where any weak spots are within your training, but can also help you demonstrate that you’re meeting your compliance obligations. For example, you can easily show that mandatory training has been completed to the required standard and that everyone has passed the assessment and is competent in their role.  Using eAssessment means this information is available at the touch of a button rather than having to spend time going through a copious amounts of files compiling data.


Do you want to learn more about the benefits of eAssessment? Head over to our blog post and see how it can make your assessment life easier by making the switch.  You can also get in touch and speak to one of our friendly consultants who can talk you through how eAssessment can fit in your organisation.

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