Making learning accessible in the new normal world

Around the world, we have all had a major overhaul of the way that we work, due to the unforeseeable pandemic that forced us to move most of our lives online. As a society, we have done everything online this past year, from parties to meetings, job interviews to quizzes. Face-to-face training has been largely impossible, with organisations having to adapt their delivery model to work within in this new normal.

A change in attitudes

Although the benefits of online learning have always been there, the pandemic has led to a wider acceptance that online learning is indeed a viable tool. Now more than ever, organisations have higher expectations around the quality and type of learning their workforce needs, as they look to upskill their workforce quickly and efficiently and prepare them for the future of work. Most importantly, they need learning that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Easy access to learning

Online learning and assessment offers your company total flexibility over where and when learning happens. You’re not confined to delivering training in the classroom environment and it doesn’t need to be completed at a specific time. You can literally cater to whatever suits your learners. Complex subjects can be delivered in smaller chunks to make them more easily accessible. You can also create mobile learning to deliver information in bite size chunks to learners on the device of their choice, wherever they are.

Monitoring progress

Your Learning Management System (LMS) will help you easily monitor your online learning. You can track a learner’s progress and identify any areas where they might need to upskill or reskill, without needing to spend hours manually filling out paper-based reports. Changes to your online learning program can then be implemented quickly in support of your organisation’s needs.

Looking to the future

Organisations are now looking at the traditional work place differently and considering a more flexible approach. Many companies will opt to continue to work remotely once lockdown eases, using existing office space as an optional work environment.  Online learning fits this new model brilliantly, since you can facilitate learning anywhere, anytime. You can also use online learning as part of a blended learning approach, giving you the best of both the face-to-face and online training worlds.

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