How can data improve your eLearning?

There is no doubt that having robust performance data supports organisations when making decisions for the future. And this also applies to eLearning. Gathering and analysing data on the performance of your eLearning content will highlight what’s working well and flag up any areas that might benefit from a revamp - so you get the results you need. But what’s the best way to do this?

Establish the fundamentals 

By including a pre-course assessment you can easily identify knowledge your people already have. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to create content that will help them close skills gaps and keep productivity high. 

Collect quantitative data 

After making eLearning available to your employees, using the reporting options in an LMS, e.g. eNetLearn, will help you gather quantitative data such as course completion rates. And building in knowledge checks throughout your course will help you measure how well each of the component parts is working. You can then begin to build the picture of how your learners are progressing through the content and measure engagement. 

Ask for feedback 

Collecting qualitative data, by asking your learners for their thoughts, is also very useful. Tools such as surveys and post-course questionnaires are great for gaining valuable insights from your learners on how they found the training. This can really add some colour to the picture and when taken together with your quantitative data, will help you easily identify changes that would improve your results. You could ask whether your learners like the format of the content and even try out different ways of presenting the information over time. 

Complete the picture 

Creating charts, graphs and other visually appealing ways to display your results, will help you to interpret the information more easily, understand what the data is telling you and help you draw out meaningful conclusions e.g. being able to spot which employees/departments need additional training or support. You’ll be able to spot any emerging trends and make changes where necessary to make sure your workforce training is effective and delivered in the way that best suits their needs. 

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