12 reasons why you should make the switch to eAssessment

eAssessment offers organisations many advantages over a traditional paper-based approach, including cost savings, convenience, ease of marking as well as speeding up the process of qualifications being awarded.

Here are our 12 top reasons why you should make the switch to eAssessment.

1. Reducing the time and effort for trainers

With an eAssessment system, you spend less time prepping and marking and more time educating and developing candidates future skills. When it comes to creating your questions, most assessment systems, including our eAssessment platform, eNetAssess, allow you to create a large question bank with numerous questions.

2. Providing direct and immediate feedback for learners

Having automatic marking cuts down on marking time, helping trainers assess large numbers of candidates more easily and in some cases, results can be delivered to candidates on the day.

3. Reducing administrative burden

eAssessment significantly reduces the administrative burden: you save time on printing, distribution of exam documentation, and all exam information can be sent via email.

You can also avoid the logistical challenges involved with issuing paper certificates by opting for digital micro-credentialing where digital badges are issued in recognition of skills and knowledge gained.

4. Making assessment more eco-friendly

eAssessment gives your organisation the opportunity to go paperless as all exam-related papers, printing, and transportation of the same is completely eliminated. There’s less need to travel to and from exam locations meaning your carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

5. Scaling, flexibility, and worldwide reach

eAssessments can easily be adapted to work with your company’s needs, so you can scale up quickly if required and exams can be done on a variety of devices and accessed anywhere in the world.

Don’t have reliable internet connectivity? We offer a secure offline solution, which can offer the same eAssessment experience as those using online assessment. Having offline with sync has opened the doors to many new customers going online.

6. Increasing security

Managing and maintaining the security and safety of high-stakes traditional exams can be stressful for organisations. With an eAssessment tool like eNetAssess all data is stored safely and securely.

7. Delivering cost savings

eAssessment is that it’s actually more cost-effective than you think. And by using a tool like eNetAssess, which offers the full range of eAssessment options, your organisation could make significant savings in the long term.

8. Reporting on assessments

Using eAssessment means you have access to quick and clear reports on a candidate’s progress, areas they are strong in, and where they may need more training

You can also use the reporting to check that your compliance obligations are being met.

9. Creating assessments that are accessible to all

It’s easy to adapt assessments to make them accessible, for example changing the background colour or font size. It’s also simple to allocate extra time if needed.

10. Offering exams digitally since candidates prefer that

As a global community, on the whole, we are used to using technology, and using eAssessment may provide for a more relaxed and engaging way to take exams than traditional paper.

11. Engaging content

eAssessment can encourage active learning and content can have a variety of question types from multiple-choice, essay, multiple responses, case studies, infield (observational), and many more.

12. Offering virtual reality eAssessment

VR enables not only authentic measurable assessment but also an authentic assessment experience for the candidate. Our VR learning and assessment authoring tool eNetReality can measure an individual’s reaction, as well as performance and skill level.

If you would like to explore how eAssessment could work for your organisation, then please contact one of our Learning Technology Consultants on t:01383 630032 or connect@ecomscotland.com.


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