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Why Partner with eCom?

The global education technology market size is anticipated to reach USD 285.2 billion by 2027, with technology revolutionizing the process of learning.

From Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to virtual classrooms, the education technology (EdTech) sector has advanced rapidly due to the pandemic, leading to an influx of massive investments worldwide. Countries across the globe are realizing the potential of integrating technology to enhance learning, to enable business leaders to undertake a range of initiatives to integrate LearnTech & EdTech into their education systems, schools, classrooms and workplaces.

Just as the Internet has evolved in the last 25 years, so have the demands of the workforce: to be connected, to be trained, to meet compliance and regulatory demands, to evidence effective training, to ensuring business alignment of learning and return on investment and to accredit peoples skills remotely. These are all being met with eCom systems using the latest technology from VR and AI, and everything in between. Clients tell us they trust us because we listen, understand their challenges and help them meet the current and future demands of business.

Generate New Revenue Streams from Existing Customers

Customers want complete solutions to their pain points, so instead of purchasing from other businesses in addition to yours, solve and support their digital learning problems and initiatives, and at the same time, create a new revenue stream for your business by providing them with everything they need. You can do this – and increase your own value proposition - by bundling eCom solutions with your existing training solutions or provide eCom solutions as stand-alone offerings.

Generate Revenue Streams from Existing Customers

Break Into New Markets

Break Into New Markets

The dream of every business owner is to become a global brand or to extend their reach. Achieving this will open a lot of business opportunities that will help your organization secure a larger market share and revenue opportunities. Digital learning isn’t bound by geography and you are not restricted by the location of your company. Through digital learning, you can extend your reach, break into new markets and generate income from across the globe.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Classroom-based training usually limits the amount of time that you spend and interact with your customers. With digital learning, customers interact with your brand over extended periods of time. This not only keeps customers loyal to your brand, presenting you with an opportunity to create recurring sales, it also allows you to analyze customer behavior and formulate better solutions that keeps customers coming back for more.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Already Providing eLearning To Your Customers

Already Providing eLearning To Your Customers?

We know that our digital learning products and services are amazing and significantly better than that of our competition. But don’t just take our word for it… if you want to offer better quality digital learning solutions to your customers, at a lower price and with higher margins, get in touch with us and we’ll show you how.

Existing eCom Partner Locations

eCom Partner Locations Map

Flexible and Varied Partner Programs

Shared values and partnership synergy have a major impact on customer success and business outcomes. By closely working with our partners, providing the right tools, resources and services, we help ensure our mutual success. eCom is seeking companies whose primary clients will benefit from our partnership. eCom’s partners will provide us with an indirect sales channel, provide more content offering to eCom product users, or bundle software with integrated functionalities. By partnering with us, your company will be able to better serve clients’ needs.


Our value-added reseller partners include companies who strive to deliver the best solutions to their clients combined with their own products and services. These partners include e-Learning service companies, systems integrator companies, IT consulting firms, and other organizations that wish to include our product in their portfolio of services. Content providers will add value to their own products by providing learning and assessment platforms for current and future users. In addition, they will generate more revenue for our current and future clients

We seek organizations whose current and potential clients rely on performance management and digital learning products and services for their organizations to maximize efficiency. IT, Training, Education technology, HR consulting firms as well as Talent and performance management agencies can refer our products to satisfy their clients’ needs. We reward referral partners for recommending our platforms to their clients.

This partnership is intended for organizations and companies that have a developed technology and software (ERP, CRM, HRM, as well as any productivity tool) that can be integrated with eCom solutions. The technology partner’s business would be enhanced through integration with our unique digital learning tools and platforms.


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