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Responsive eLearning for Corporate Induction

This bespoke eLearning development by our creative team is an effective way of immersing the dispersed workforce at William Grant & Sons in the brand and company story.


An independent family distillers since 1887, Willliam Grant & Sons are a luxury spirits company, suppliers of a number of award winning brands. They aspire to be the most coveted branded spirits company in the world, while staying true to their heritage.


William Grant wanted to evolve their induction programme to help new staff feel more connected to the company, its heritage and brands, particularly those away from HQ. eLearning was seen as a cost effective way for delivering their brand messages in a consistent way. As a global organisation, they also needed the programme translated into five different languages, making it inclusive for all.


  • A number of responsive eLearning induction modules have been created, making learning accessible across multiple devices, improving induction process
  • Learners journeys recorded via the LMS allowing inductees the ability to return to the module where they left off
  • In-built reporting functionality provides information about inductees progress
  • Reinforcement of company story and brand importance organisation-wide
  • Existing employees can use the resource as refresher training at any time
  • Translating the course has resulted in increased access to the resource, enhancing the value from the project.
  • Bespoke eLearning
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