The Chartered Banker Institute

Secure and flexible online assessment for high-stakes exams

This state-of-the-art reliable and secure online assessment solution for the exam process for professional qualifications, highlights the benefits of a digital approach.


The largest professional membership body of bankers in the UK with over 25,000 members, representing qualified bankers and those working towards their professional qualifications.


The Institute wanted to modernise the examination process for their professional qualifications. They required a reliable and secure online assessment solution that provides real-time feedback to examiners, as well as comprehensive reports for the Institute’s staff.


  • A bespoke online examination system, designed and built using eCom’s eNetAssess assessment platform
  • A range of examination formats supported including essays, case studies and multiple-choice questions
  • A stringent exams verification process, managed within the system
  • More insight and control over the exam process for the Institute with more flexibility for students
  • Significant reduction in management time and overheads resulting in substantial cost savings
  • eAssessment
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Savings
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