Quality Improvement

Delivering Quality Improvement through an online national resource

This programme of learning resources demonstates that eLearning can be highly effective in driving quality improvement for front-line, admin and management staff across NHS Scotland.


NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is responsible for developing and delivering education and training to all staff across NHS Scotland and for driving best practice in Quality Improvement (QI).


NHS Education wanted to ensure all NHS employees in Scotland have the knowledge and skills required to continuously improve frontline services in their own healthcare environment. They needed resources that meet the needs of the key stakeholders for available, accessible and relevant resources.


  • A programme of QI learning resources was developed to deliver the required knowledge and skills across NHS Scotland and support frontline healthcare services.
  • eCom developed 16 QI modules specifically for NHS Scotland
  • The Quality Improvement eLearning modules have increased understanding on a range of QI topics at introductory, practitioner and lead level
  • Improvement best practice has been brought into the everyday work of NHS Scotland to help staff improve patient healthcare
  • The resources have also been made available to other public sector organisations to help them with best practice on quality improvement
  • For NHS Scotland staff, the modules can form part of their CPD
  • Bespoke eLearning
  • Blended Learning
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