International Well Control Forum

Delivering training and assessment on a secure platform

This solution shows how using eAssessment not only improves the assessment process, but also streamlines the operations of the organisation and their stakeholders.


Founded in 1992, the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is the only independent body focused on oil and gas well control planning and accreditation. Quality, safety and integrity are core values of the organisation with a focus on improving competency throughout the industry.


IWCF wanted to move from paper to online administration and delivery of certifications. They had a specific requirement to make the training and assessment process more accessible, responsive and user-friendly for candidates, training providers, assessors as well as IWCF staff.


  • eNetAssess provides a single platform for reviewing candidate progress
  • Monitoring of exam development has been made easy
  • IWCF’s appointed assessors manage the delivery of bespoke tests in eCom’s secure environment.
  • More efficient examination process for both candidates and assessors
  • Ease of monitoring and reporting of skills within the industry
  • Award-winning Innovative FORUM HUB solution enables centres with internet connectivity issues to offer same eAssessment experience
  • eAssessment
  • Secure platform
  • Improved processes
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The eCom team has supported us through all stages of the project lifecycle, whilst offering expert e-learning advice to ensure our system is innovative and scalable to meet the current and future demands of our customers.

Antony Quin

Chief Executive Officer


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