International Well Control Forum
eCerts (Digital Badging)

Training accreditation on a global scale using eCerts

This solution shows how using eCerts (digital badges) has improved the certification process for the organisation, candidates and assessment centres.


Founded in 1992, the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is the only independent body focused on oil and gas well control planning and accreditation. Quality, safety and integrity are core values of the organisation with a focus on improving competency throughout the industry.


IWCF were already using a bespoke version of eCom’s assessment platform eNetAssess™, called FORUM. With FORUM, IWCF are able to easily access candidate information and monitor the skills of thousands of personnel across the industry. The next logical step was to include the option for candidates to receive electronic certification (eCerts).


  • A cost-effective solution for certification
  • Candidates receive eCert more quickly
  • eCert qualifications are more secure than a paper certificate
  • Candidates can easily demonstrate qualifications using the mobile app
  • eCerts can be shared across the web, including social media
  • IWCF also award eCerts to assessment centres after a successful audit
  • eCerts
  • Digital Badges
  • Improved Processes
  • Secure Platform
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The eCom team has supported us through all stages of the project lifecycle, whilst offering expert e-learning advice to ensure our system is innovative and scalable to meet the current and future demands of our customers.

Antony Quin

Chief Executive Officer


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