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Competency Based Training Using Digital Credentialing

This blended, competency-based learning approach, incorporates awarding of digital badges to students completing the module.


Georgia Southern University founded in 1906, is the largest higher education centre in the southern half of Georgia. With a clear focus on providing teaching to a consistently high level, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning journey and are supported beyond the classroom to achieve their academic aspirations.


The University wanted to strengthen its post-baccalaureate teacher education programme to better equip school teachers with the practices needed for the modern classroom. In particular, teacher training was to be more closely aligned to specific competencies and learners were to be “rewarded” for their progress with digital badges.


  • Development of a blended, competency-based learning approach
  • Capability to award digital badges, mirroring Georgia Teacher Keys Effectiveness System competencies
  • 5 eLearning modules, each with 10-12 hours of learning, using content provided by the University’s faculty
  • Students can create and upload their evidence (documents, images, audio and videos) to demonstrate their understanding and competence
  • Digital badges
  • Competency approach
  • eLearning development
  • Recording evidence
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