Children's Health Scotland

eLearning resources to improve the health of Scotland's children

This bespoke eLearning solution means Children’s Health Scotland are able to reach a wide, geopraphically dispersed audience.

They are able to progress children and young people’s health rights.


Children’s Health Scotland is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to informing, promoting and campaigning on behalf of the needs of all sick children and young people within our healthcare system.

The charity’s mission is to enable every child and young person to exercise their rights to healthcare and to have these rights upheld, and their healthcare needs met, in partnership with parents, carers and professionals.


CHS needed to help organisations involved in health and social care to meet their duty to progress children’s and young people’s rights, as outlined in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.

To achieve this, they needed to implement a training solution that would help them reach this audience, in a cost-effective way.


  • The charity can extend the reach of training in a more cost effective way
  • eLearning enables a wide, geographically dispersed audience to be reached
  • Fully mobile-ready eLearning that works on desktop and tablet devices
  • Learners have total flexibility in where and when they learn
  • Reporting options available from within the Learning Management System, eNetLearn
  • eLearning
  • bespoke elearning
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