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Knowledge transfer drives engagement with staff, stakeholders and customers – how can digital learning reach a diverse audience, keep costs down and improve effectiveness?


When you know the ‘Why’ you can achieve so much more.  Our clients are using technology to share their knowledge to create an innovative workforce.  This approach has been recognised as a great way to provide value of knowledge to stakeholders or customers across products, services or Organisational goals.


Encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing works particularly well for audiences in different locations and languages. Our clients are reaping the financial benefits of streamlining

How can eCom help?

If you are looking to launch a learning initiative, we support you from the very beginning.  From facilitating the ‘why’ for your organisations and creating a plan, to developing online and offline assets that are desirable in delivery to your target audience.  We think of everything so you don’t have to.


We are focused on establishing the connection between learning and performance, working with you to set your learning strategy and objectives to demonstrate impact. We apply a wealth of knowledge on learning best practise, advising on the best approach, whether that is eLearning, blended learning or flipped learning.

Need a learning solution that’s unique to you? No matter how technical and complex your content, we combine creative design with instructional expertise and robust project management to develop interactive digital learning content that suits your organisation’s needs.

Looking for the right learning technology platform for you? We’ve got it covered. We offer a range of learning technology platform options to meet different knowledge sharing objectives. From eNetLearn, our cost effective and easy-to-use cloud learning management system (LMS), through to the development of customised learning platforms and mobile applications.

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