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A Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

Posted By: eCom Scotland

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Originally from Portland, Oregon, USA, I came to Scotland in the Autumn of 2012 to pursue an MSc in Medical Anthropology. However, the social sciences are a very difficult field to break into (without experience, published articles and funding) so I have since worked in a myriad of customer service based positions for retail and banking. In each of these roles, I became a subject matter expert (SME) and assisted with training and mentoring colleagues.

I quickly realised that my skills really suited the training realm; I enjoyed becoming an SME and condensing that information to train others. However, I was not entirely sure where these skills and my academic background came together in a career.

A close friend, consistently spoke of the amazing company she worked for. She mentioned they were looking to fill a couple of roles so I dusted off my CV, applied and thankfully, was offered the role of Trainee Instructional Designer.

Currently, about 3 months into the role, my day largely consists of a lot of learning. Daily, I am learning the methods of presenting information to learners and translating this into the digital realm of eLearning.

As an Instructional Designer, I take client content and I map out how the information should be presented to the learner to reach the learning objectives. This map, known as a storyboard, is then thoroughly vetted by the client (with my guidance). When finalised, the storyboard is the leading document used by the designers and developers to build the course.

"eCom Scotland is the perfect company to be working for as they have a long history of excellence in eLearning"

I find instructional design challenging, interesting and exciting. Instructional design and eLearning is always changing and developing, which means I will always be learning. eCom Scotland is the perfect company to be working for as they have a long history of excellence in eLearning development and are willing to use that knowledge to foster my growth as an instructional designer.

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