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Self-service approach to competency

Posted By: eCom Scotland

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Many organisations adopt a self-service approach for employees to access HR systems, including Learning and Development.  Managing this for recording evidence has been less than successful over the years, however, a number of new developments have made this much simpler.   In the past it has been tricky to get appropriate evidence from the learner’s journey in a way that demonstrates knowledge and understanding.  There have been plenty of metrics to show participation but they don’t always relate to competency.

With the advent of eXperience API (xAPI), evidence of understanding can be recorded in a Learning Record Store.  This data can be picked up by portfolios or talent/skills management systems to record achievement and performance.  Levels of performance can generate a digital badge providing the employee with a credential for their achievement.  This approach maintains motivation and provides a pathway to demonstrate improvement, which is essential for ongoing workforce development.

eCom recommends providing OpenBadges, a digital transferrable record of achievement. This is an ideal way to give recognition with a gamification aspect providing motivation towards the accumulation of stackable badges. eCom works with organisations to provide a clear badging policy and taxonomy on how badges will be applied in order to make the awards applicable and worthwhile. While new technologies, competency management and OpenBadges all have value in their own right, it is combining these elements into a model that addresses specific business challenges that will deliver real business benefits.

These new developments enable managing and tracking competency to become a reality and make reporting a dream. “Early adopter” projects are already leveraging xAPI and OpenBadging technology to support business goals and ultimately giving their organisation a competitive edge.   Using technology is enabling HR, L&D and IT to collaborate in new ways and find common ground. With new C-Level roles having overall responsibility for HR, talent management, L&D and OD, engaging with technology departments helps deliver the strategic vision.

Speak to us to get more information on early adopter projects.

eNetBadges is a digital micro-credentialing tool to recognise learning experiences and achievement. It is an invaluable tool for improving engagement with corporate training, creating a staged approach to accreditation or providing more structure to the CPD process.

Recent eCom case studies with a focus on workforce competency include Scottish Water and a Global Oil and Chemicals Company.


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