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Digital learning technologies a game changer in medical education

Posted By: eCom Scotland

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What is the most effective way to educate and train medical/science professionals, students or users of ground-breaking medical technology globally? What role can digital learning play?

Impact of digital learning
Digital learning resources have repeatedly proven to be important tools used by medical students, in both undergraduate and graduate applications, to enhance their education1,2,3,4,6. This is especially relevant in ‘resource-limited settings,’ such as Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College in Tanzania6 and to work the University of Edinburgh is undertaking in Malawi7. Medical professionals also use digital learning for continuing professional development5.

A 'revolution in education'
In their 2006 introduction to eLearning in medical education, Ruiz, Mintzer and Leipzig point to digital learning as the direction for the future of medical education. They state that digital learning developments are pushing a ‘revolution in education4.’ More recently, Johnson and Zaiane assert that adaptive digital learning and serious learning games are the key to enhance students’ analysis of medical images (such as mammograms)3.

Digital learning for medical professionals
In addition to the proven research showing digital learning resources enhancing medical education, we believe these also significantly strengthen the training of medical/science professionals, helping them to implement emerging medical technologies.

How eCom helps
eCom created a suite of digital learning resources for a client on medical imaging techniques ranging from Basic MRI to electrophysiology (brain, ears, and eyes).

We are currently supporting Hydrosense in their efforts to educate people about Legionella with a view to demonstrating the benefits of rapid testing compared to traditional methods. More specifically, we are also supporting them to educate users on their rapid testing best practices for future implementation of this technology.

Other related projects include our work with:

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